Restoration Options

Dr. Sines, Jr., uses natural-looking tooth-colored resin-based durable composite filling material to restore your teeth after the decay has been removed.

If your treatment requires a crown, Planmeca E4D technology allows Dr. Sines, Jr., to restore damaged teeth in a single visit to our office. A crown will make your damaged tooth stronger and more beautifully natural. Your newly restored tooth will be metal-free, using a high-grade ceramic material that is compatible with the natural tissue found in your mouth. Same-day crowns take about an hour to prepare the tooth and an hour and a half to design, mill and glaze the customized new crown. Because the crowns are created in the office, Dr. Sines, Jr., is able to design and make exceptional restorations that match and blend in with the rest of your teeth for a natural look. Multiple crowns can be prepared, designed, and created at the same visit.

If you have a missing tooth or missing teeth and would like to restore your mouth back to healthy function, Dr. Sines, Jr. may recommend a fixed bridge or implants.

If you are experiencing pain, you may have decay that is irritating the nerve in your tooth. Dr. Sines, Jr. will perform a thorough examination and take a digital x-ray to let you know if the tooth can be saved and restored with root canal therapy, post, and an all-ceramic crown. If the tooth is non-restorable, Dr. Sines, Jr. can extract the tooth and place a bio-compatible synthetic bone graft material, Bioplant RTR, so that the bone ridge will remain intact. After healing, the missing tooth area can be restored with fixed bridgework or an implant.

If you are missing several teeth and are interested in a removable prosthesis, Dr. Sines, Jr. can custom design either partial dentures or full dentures that fit and are comfortable.