Dental Implant Care Options

From the extraction of the tooth to placing and then restoring the implant with a beautiful and natural-looking crown, Dr. Sines, Jr. can provide for you with complete Dental Implant Care.

Dental Implants are special screws made of medically safe titanium. These screws are placed by Dr. Sines, Jr. in the jaw bone and covered over with gum tissue. Local anesthetic is used and there is no pain associated with this procedure. It takes about 6 months for the bone to fuse to the screw and become osseo(bone)integrated. Once we are assured of good osseo-integration, the implant screw is uncovered and the dental prosthesis–crown, bridge, or denture–is attached to an abutment that is secured to the implant.

Missing all of your teeth and hate wearing dentures? Multiple implants can be placed in the upper or lower jaw for an implant-supported denture that is secure and comfortable so you can enjoy eating again.

If you are interested in implants, call the office for an appointment. The first visit will include a full-mouth digital x-ray, health assessment, and oral examination and answers to any questions that you might have about the implant option. If you already have a current full-mouth digital x-ray, Dr. Sines, Jr. will provide a free second opinion.